Our Vision

Welcome to 3EYES, founded by director Sean Li, a civil engineering graduate who has had experience in the building and construction industry since 2005.

We believe the foundation of 3EYES is based on a reputation for building excellence. Having accumulated a considerable amount of industry experience and relationships over the years, the company has expanded its capabilities from being just a construction company to one that provides project management, subdivision development, and design, as well as all your building needs.


3EYES provides a variety of products and services catered to your budget. Dependent on your needs and design approach, from an economically or sustainably focused build to something more luxurious, we aim to fulfill your vision.

For most people, the building process can be an intimidating experience. 3EYES strives to guide you through your build, and to help you tackle the toughest construction challenges, from set milestones to maximizing the full potential of the most modest budgets. Regardless of the building model, our quality service remains constant, and with our price satisfaction, 3EYES remains your best choice.



3EYES considers the value of long-term relationships as a key part in providing a professional and quality service to their clients.



  • Civil Construction and Subdivision
  • Main Contract
  • Foundation
  • Carpentry
  • Project and Site Management
  • Renovations and Additions



  • Commercial – Retail, Hospitality, Offices,  Exhibition Spaces and Showrooms
  • Residential – Apartments and Houses
  • Hard Fit-Outs – Interior Construction, Installation and Shop-fitting
  • Soft Fit-Outs – Furniture Staging and Styling

Meet the Team

As builders and designers, we respect and cater to the needs of each individual client.

All 3EYES projects could not be realized without the experience and capacity of the company’s committed work force. With a motivated management team and a strong company structure, we pride ourselves in creating a communicative and efficient work environment.

Community – Charity and Sponsorship

3EYES sees the importance in building a healthier, safer community, and doing our part to strengthen it through meaningful engagement.

3EYES has continuous involvement with welfare and charity organizations such as ARHT, St John NZ and the Westpac Helicopter Trust. We believe that being good at business also means being a business that cares for the greater good of our wider community.

Biculturalism and Sustainability

The 3Eyes team is dedicated to creating a more sustainable world for future generations. We offer flexible selections of local suppliers, and we fully support the use of sustainable materials and products in our projects. Our projects include green homes – aiming to be built to the highest standards, and to use repurposed and upcycled materials.

We respect the land – Tangata; the people – Whenua, and the relationships between people, place and environment.